I remember having a Gameboy when I was a teenager, and I remember how awesome carrying my video games with me all the time. Whenever we were in a car or in a place that didn’t have TV, you’ll see me challenging my cousin playing video games on Gameboy.

Last week I tried a new portable gaming device which brought all the old memories of Gameboy. Its the new Nvidia Shield which, manufactured by the well known company of making advanced video and graphics cards for computers and laptops.

Priced at 299$ the Shield kind of looks like the Xbox Controller with a fold high definition touch screen with extra buttons for the convenience of using Android system. The operating system is similar to the operating system in mobile devices. The interface is not that impressive. but i thought the Nvidia game store is making up for that. but I think Nvidia really needs more than that to overcome the ugly and inconvenient grip of the device.

There’s the Nvidia function button which adds the ability of playing games from the PC, if you have Nvidia graphics card installed there, and display and play whatever you were playing on the PC. I played a first person shooter and it was smooth and looked impressive. In my opinion the Nvidia Shield is a nice portable gaming device, but the only drawback is how it feels in the hands, especially if you’re hardcore gamer who spend hours and hours