Social media and online identity

Most people use online social media everyday, it’s a way of staying social and connecting with the world through the web. We share different kinds of media based on what we like, what interests us, and sometimes what we think is funny and want our friends to see. But it’s beginning to be our online identity somehow.

In some websites and forums, users can link their Google+ or Facebook instead of creating a new account. That could save a lot of time if the user is new to the website or forum, or if the user have never participated in a comment before. Users have the option to select what they share with these websites. I really like the convenience of joining a website of interest and being able to participate in a comment, but I am concerned about the safety of my personal information.

Since most websites require to access basic information, I don’t know how safe my identity is, or who has access to it. I think having an option of sharing the basic information once is fine, but I wouldn’t like it if linked my Facebook account to a website to register, and some time later they used my information without asking for my permission.


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