My visit to Victoria and Butchart Gardens

I’ve been in British Columbia since September 2010, and I have always wanted to visit Victoria. When I asked my friends who have been there, most of them told me its not worth the trip. But a friend of mine came to visit Canada and spend the summer here for the first time. So I thought it would be nice to take her there, see the parliament building, and enjoy the ferry trip. It took me only a bus ride to ask myself why my friends didn’t like Victoria.

I didn’t arrange my trip to Victoria like I usually do when travelling. I just thought I would visit Butchart Gardens and then spend the rest of the day exploring downtown. I arrived at Swartz Bay from the ferry and took a couple of buses to get to the Butchart Gardens. As I was passing by the cities, I was amazed by how quiet and nice Vancouver Island is. The bus trip felt a lot shorter than it really was.The variety of trees and the beautiful landscape of Vancouver Island were magnificent.

Victoria's world famous Butchart Gardens are a...

Victoria’s world famous Butchart Gardens are actually located in Central Saanich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to highlight here the Butchart Gardens. As soon as I arrived there and passed the entrance gate, I saw the breathtaking view, and how well the place was taken care of. Not only they offer a guide of the plants they have, they also have a Plant Identification Centre with knowledgeable staff, who can offer in-depth information. They have a specific order of the flowers and different special gardens, such as the Japanese garden. People walk on small pathways that will through 55 acres of gardens. It was amazing.

I guess that my friends didn’t like Victoria because they were not into sightseeing and enjoying the day; they were expecting an exciting nightlife and were disappointed with their experience. I didn’t stay there for too long, nor spent the night, so I can’t compare my experience to theirs. That being said, I invite you, who have been to Victoria, to share your thoughts and impressions about this destination on the comments’ section of this post.


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